Additional Services

Ensuring your business is fully covered

Sometimes accountants can be stereotyped as number crunchers, or labelled as box tickers, doing just enough to keep you on the right side of the law. THPCA’s comprehensive range of additional benefits prove we do more than simply look after your books. We have a track record of excellence with our financial services partners, providing specialist advice for sole traders, SMEs and expanding companies.

We can ensure every aspect of your business – and your financial well-being – is covered.


When you start your own business it is vital to ensure that you have in place all of the necessary insurances, even if only to comply with your legal obligations.

Through our in-house experience of starting-up and running businesses across Europe, we have a network of European lawyers and accountants at our disposal offering advice and practical assistance on:

International Services

Setting up an overseas subsidiary / branch
Overseas tax and social security compliance
Employing people to work on an overseas project
Moving abroad
Employing people to work on an overseas project

Business Support

THPCA aims to provide business support services with the range of traditional accountancy and tax compliance services. For more information contact us today.

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