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Let us start with a short analogy to set you thinking:

  • Our parents (normally) plan the timing of when to bring us into this world and have pre-conceived ideas of what they have planned for us

  • Then when we are born, our loved ones do their best to keep us safe and help us thrive. They do all they can to keep us healthy and free from sickness

  • As we grow we have doctors to keep us in rude health, and specialists should we require specific medical attention. We learn not to compromise our well-being or the health of our loved ones

  • Should we feel sick or be ill, we use the medical experts to make us better, to bring us back to full health

  • And when we die, we usually make provision for our death to make sure it is as painless as possible for our loved ones


Your business requires the same care and attention.


At THPCA, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

We Offer Expert Business Advice

If you are thinking of bringing a business into this world, talk to the Glasgow Registered Accountants best placed to assist you. What might your issues be?








All of these key questions we can help you with, and either motivate you to get going, or discourage you from even going ahead. Contact THPCA, Glasgow Registered Accountants with expertise in start-up advice.

a) Should I start the business at all?

b) Is there a market for my idea?

c) What is my competition?

d) Will I make money?

e) Have I chosen the right business partner?

We Are Here to Help You Start Your Business.......

Once your business starts:

a) Benefit from a sound business plan and financial forecasts – helped all the way by THPCA, Glasgow Registered Accountants with expertise in business start-ups.


b) Be guided by Glasgow Registered Accountants who have been there, seen it and bought the T-Shirt. Whatever issues your business faces, we will be by your side.


c) When the going gets tough, Glasgow Registered Accountants THPCA get going. We will be there to help you with refinance, restructuring or whatever you may need to see you through hard times.

.......And When Your Business Starts to Grow

When your business starts to blossom and grow:

a) Regular management accounts prepared by THPCA, Glasgow Registered Accountants, will ensure that you keep your finger on the pulse.


b) Monthly, or quarterly reviews, attended by one of the key people of THPCA, Registered Accountants in Glasgow. We will attend regular meetings, acting almost in a non-exec finance director role, to ensure that you have our assistance in finding the correct path for your business.


c) Updates to the business plan, financial projections and advice on staffing, profitable / non-profitable lines, in fact any aspect of your business to help ensure your success.

Helping Your Business in Hard Times

And if your business should feel sick, or not be in good health?

a) You can depend on Registered Accountants in Glasgow, namely THPCA, to be by the bedside of your business, to nurse it back to health.


b) We will identify the weaknesses, the unprofitable line, the wrong staffing mix, the excess funds being drawn by the owners, or whatever it may be that is causing the malaise, and we will help your business recover and get back to full health.

We Will Support You No Matter What

And if your business dies?

a) We will be on call to make sure that the business is buried with the least pain to you.


b) We will prepare a final statement of affairs and try to ensure, within the law, that you suffer minimum loss from personal guarantees or any other security you may have proffered.


c) And unlike your family doctor when you have died, we may even be able to resurrect you or bring you back into being in a new life form, ensuring that you can start again with the knowledge to avoid the pitfalls that led to the premature death of your previous venture.

THPCA For All Your Needs

So to summarise, we provide an all-encompassing range of services to help your business, regardless of its life cycle. Our team of qualified, professional Glasgow Registered Accountants can be there at the birth of your business to guide you during its crucial weeks, months and years, can help you to stand on your own two feet and help you iron out any problems you encounter as you cut your business teeth.


Our knowledge comes from personal experience. We’ve been running successful national and international businesses for 30 years. We know what it is like to be a start-up business and the pros and cons of making it from unknown fledgling to market leader. That’s what we have done and continue to do and we will pass all our knowledge on to you whether you’re a sole trader, a thriving SME with a few employees or a flourishing company moving into larger, uncharted waters.


Whether it’s accounts preparation, tax returns, payroll and VAT, you require, or you need advanced help with Business Planning, Business Expertise, Management Support, Restructuring or International and Offshore issues, we have the expertise to keep you on track.


For more information on the range of services offered by THPCA, or for specific advice on any particular business issue, contact us today.



Chartered Accountants

THPCA are the Glasgow Registered Accountants committed to being the “family doctor” for your business.

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Welcome to THPCA, the Glasgow Regisered Accountants committed to being the “family doctor” for your business, helping your business enjoy a long and healthy life.


We believe that we differentiate ourselves from other small accountancy practices by providing you with a cradle to grave business service, making us a valuable partner to you throughout your business life.


In our experience the majority of small accountancy practices focus on ticking boxes and getting the numbers right and their emphasis is purely on:




Form filling

To summarise, many of our peers will do no more than compliance, making sure that all forms are filled correctly and all paperwork is filed on time.

form3 tick2 nunbers clock


Here at THPCA you will get more than a box-ticker.

Our values are different.